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Guitar Style

Learn the style of abba music on guitar
Our genre-based lessons primarily focus on learning skills and concepts that pertain to a specific style of music. However, as you will soon learn, many concepts can be applied to several different genres. Phase 2 lessons expand upon concepts taught in our beginner guitar lessons, so it would be a wise idea to check out those lessons before jumping in here!
1] Blues Guitar
One of the richest and most uniquely American styles of music, blues has been a major inspiration for jazz, bluegrass, country and rock.
2] Fingerstyle Guitar
Fingerstyle technique allows guitarists to combine melody, bass lines, and harmony to create a complete, orchestral sound.
3] Metal Guitar
Originating from a reference to the loud, mechanized sounds of the modern world and the harsh, British factory sounds of the 1960's.
4] Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
One of the world's great guitar traditions and called ki ho'alu in Hawaiian, slack key developed in the 19th Century as a fun, fingerpicking style.
5] Bluegrass Guitar
A sub-genre of country music which blends improvising with folk-like melodies. Pioneered by Bill Monroe in the 1930s in the "bluegrass" state.
6] Rock Guitar
From the 1950's to the present, rock and roll, along with its wide range of sub-genres, has dominated popular music.
7] Celtic Guitar
Although not a native celtic instrument, celtic-style guitar adapts folk and fingerstyle to accompany reels, jigs, and polkas.
8] Classical Guitar
Born in the 9th century, “classical” guitar is characterized by fingerstyle technique and nylon strings, producing organic timber and dynamic quality.
8] Country Guitar A style of American popular music, country has it's roots in the folk music of the rural south and the cowboy music of the western United States.
10] Jazz Guitar
The classic swing sound emerged around the turn of the twentieth century, and blends classic melodies, intricate harmony, and improvisation.
11] Surf Guitar
Study the ideas and techniques of artists like Dick Dale, The Ventures and more! Learn how to create Surf hooks, get Surf tones, and make the information you already know on the guitar useful in the Surf genre!
12] Funk Guitar
Get your groove on with funk guitar.
13] Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco is an art form originating in Spain that expresses joy, sorrow and passion! This series will teach you to play 'toque' or flamenco guitar.
14] Folk Guitar
Traditional and contemporary acoustic music that forms the roots of many genres of music. In this series we explore this foundational style
15] R&B and Soul Guitar
Learn to play in the style of R&B and Soul.
16] Reggae Guitar
Let the mood of Reggae guitar sooth your soul
17] Brazilian Guitar
Learn the basics of Bossa and Samba in these Brazilian style lessons.
18] Gospel Guitar
Derived from an Old English word meaning "good news," gospel offers a spiritual and uplifting musical experience.
19] Pop Guitar Pop!
20] Acoustic Rock Guitar

Rock energy with an acoustic flavor!